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Sample Pack - Magazines (All 3 Titles)
Price: $14.95

Sample Pack: A randomly selected back issue of Strategy & Tactics, World at War, and Modern War magazines. These sample packs are great for gifts and introducing friends to our magazines! (Game supplement not included)
World at War, Issue #57 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Hell's Gate - Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket: Analysis of the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket and the ascendance of Soviet mobile operations in World War II.
World at War, Issue #56 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Bastogne -
Triumph of the US Military System:
In December 1944, Germany launched its last great offensive in the west. In the
Belgian town of Bastogne, American forces would find themselves besieged in one
of history's greatest battles
World at War, Issue #53 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Strike & Counterstrike - Battle for Moscow, December 1941 to April 1942: The German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 came down to a final test of strength in the last quarter of the year, with the Soviet capital as the prize.
World at War, Issue #52 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Sealion -
Proposed German Invasion of England
Britain stood alone against Hitler’s Germany in the summer of 1940, and for the first
time in 150 years faced the possibility of invasion. Only the English Channel separated
the two foes, and it remained to be seen if it could be overcome by the Germans
World at War, Issue #51 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

The Miracle at Pearl Harbor - Salvaging Battleship Row: On 7 December 1941, two waves of Japanese naval aircraft struck the American fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. In a courageous effort, the US was able to salvage six of the damaged battleships, and they would later participate in nearly all major Allied amphibious operations in World War II.
World at War, Issue #50 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Zhukov’s War -
From Stalingrad to Kursk on the Eastern Front
: The period between the battles of Stalingrad in late 1942 and Kursk in the summer of
1943 was a turning point in the war on the Eastern Front. Leading the Soviet charge was a master practitioner of the operational art, Georgy Zhukov.
World at War, Issue #49 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

On the Razor's Edge - Turkey in World War II: Turkey remained neutral until the end of World War II by adroitly playing off the Axis and Allied Powers. They, in turn, wooed the Turks with economic and military incentives to join their respective coalitions.

World at War, Issue #48 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Duel in the North: In the summer of 1941, Germany launched Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union. Recalled from an early retirement, Wilhelm von Leeb lead Army Group North during its campaign to capture the northern city of Leningrad, sparking one of the bloodiest sieges of World War II.

World at War, Issue #47 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Battle of Crete 1941: Airborne operations came into their own during World War II. The Germans first used airborne forces in Western Europe, striking against Allied forces in France, the Low Countries, and Norway. As the war progressed, Germany orchestrated an airborne assault on the island of Crete, an action that would leave Hitler hesitant to use this strategy later in the war.