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Publisher note regarding the new subscription processing platform ( click here).

Note: The S&T Press Shop Account does not transfer to the new subscription platform. You will be creating a new password for a new account that has your subscription expirations.

Subscription FAQ

Strategy & Tactics Press publishes three bi-monthly, (six issues per year) military history magazines: Strategy & Tactics , World at War and Modern War. The print edition comes in magazine (newsstand) and a premium Game Edition with a complete game on the same topic as the cover feature.

Print Subscriptions are shipped via USPS (US) Periodical Class or ISAL (non-US) bulk mail and can take up to three months for delivery. Delivery times will vary. Please allow 10-12 weeks for new US subscriptions and two to four months for non-US.

Renewals: Your subscription order will be processed as a renewal if you are a current subscriber.
New Subscriptions are processed upon receipt and will start with the next issue to print.


If you are moving or have recently moved, please update your address as soon as possible in the new platform.

To receive as a first issue in a new subscription the order must be placed by :

12/1/17 to include Strategy and Tactics #309
12/15/17 to include Modern War #34
1/19/18 to include World At War #59
2/2/18 to include Strategy and Tactics #310
2/16/18 to include Modern War #35
3/16/18 to include World At War #60
to include Strategy and Tactics #311
/27/18 to include Modern War #36
to include World At War #61

Strategy & Tactics

World at War

Modern War

Strategy & Tactics Quaterly

Strategy & Tactics

World at War

Modern War

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