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Strategy & Tactics was originally founded in 1966 by Christopher Wagner. In its original format, it did not include a game in each issue but focused on existing wargames, design material for games, and hobby news and information. At issue #19, Jim Dunnigan acquired the magazine, formed Simulations Publications, Inc. (SPI) and began putting games in the magazine. The decade of the 1970's was dominated by SPI wargames and Strategy & Tactics magazine became the wargame hobby flagship. Unfortunately, the transition from a direct mail order to a distribution model, rapidly rising component costs, and increasing competition combined to sink SPI. SPI declared bankruptcy shortly after issue #89 was published. TSR, the company made famous by Dungeons and Dragons, took over as the largest creditor. TSR was not known for their wargames and though they tried to develop a wargame line and continue publishing Strategy & Tactics from #90-#110, they eventually choose to sell off their SPI assets. Strategy & Tactics was sold to World Wide Wargames (3W) and, later, most of the SPI box game titles were purchased by Decision Games. 3W published Strategy & Tactics from #111 to #139 and then sold it to Decision Games.

Decision Games has been publishing Strategy & Tactics since #140. A magazine only edition was introduced with issue #176 and is carried by over a thousand newsstands and bookstores. Strategy & Tactics is the longest running military history magazine, having published over 250 issues in its 41 year history.