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Strategy & Tactics Issue #307 - Game Only
Price: $29.00

Cold War, Hot Armor is a two-player game in which players take command in armored actions during the Cold War. The game is part of a series; this particular game is set during the War in Vietnam, 1954-75. Future games will include battles in continental Africa, the Middle East and eventually a hypothetical NATO-Warsaw Pact conflict. The game system emphasizes command control, combined arms, and evolving technology.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #305 - Game Only
Price: $29.00

Armies of the White Sun is a solitaire wargame covering the fighting in China from the Marco Polo Bridge Incident through Pearl Harbor to the planned 1943 Operation Go-Go aimed at capturing Chongking and ending Chinese resistance at the national level. The single player actively commands the invading Japanese forces, while the rules system directs him in the deployment of the defending Chinese. The player wins by capturing key areas on the map. Throughout the game, the player selects units for an operational force, then maneuvers with that force to achieve objectives while fighting Chinese forces as they appear during operations.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #304 - Game Only
Price: $29.00

The American Revolution in the South is a single map game that simulates ten historic campaigns in North and South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War (from 1776 to 1781). The game system emphasizes the importance of individual leaders, and especially historical leaders from the time period, and highlights the relative skills, circumstances, and luck that could vary considerably, often within short periods of time. Throughout the game, leader skills will be tested as their unit’s maneuver and fight, and every leader has the capacity to prove himself as either inept, capable, or in some cases, exceptional, during various incidents throughout the game.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #289 - Game Only
Price: $24.00

War of the Austrian Succession is a wargame of Frederick the Great’s first military campaign, the First Silesian War of 1740-42. This was the opening War of the Austrian Succession which eventually involved the major powers of Europe. The intent of the game is to show operational level warfare in the 18th century Age of Kings. There are two sides in the game, Prussia and its allies (the Coalition), and Austria and its allies (Habsburgs).

Strategy & Tactics Issue #288 - Game Only
Price: $44.00


Hindenburg’s War: Decision in the Trenches, 1918 (HW) is a strategic-level, two-player wargame of low complexity that covers the fighting on World War I’s western front during that final year of the war, from the start of the first German offensive on 21 March through Armistice Day on 11 November. The game’s sub-systems are crafted to present a supreme-commander’s-eye-view of the war: it is therefore almost fully strategic in its perspective, with only the most pastel of operational undertones added to enhance historical tone and texture.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #285 - Game Only
Price: $24.00

Duel on the Steppe is a simulation of the Winter Campaign in the Ukraine, from January 29th to March 17th, 1943, known as Operation Star and Gallop, in which the Soviets arrayed their incredible numerical advantage against some of the best units in the German army.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #281 (Special Edition) - Game Only
Price: $44.00 Double-sized game

In Country: Vietnam 1965-75 is a simulation of several critical campaigns of the Vietnam War, 1965-75.

Strategy & Tactics Issue #276 - Game Only
Price: $24.00

Operation Anaconda:
The failed US effort in Afghanistan in 2002 to capture or kill Bin Laden.

Strategy & Tactics Issue #274 - Game Only
Price: $44.00 Double-sized game

Sun Never Sets, Volume II, designed by Joseph Miranda, is an operational-level simulation of three major 19th century wars involving British expeditionary forces: Abyssinia (1868), Asante (1873-74), Persia (1873-57) and the Second Afghan War (1878-79), all included within this single issue.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #266 - Game Only
Price: $24.00

Designed by Joseph Miranda, Julian is a wargame of intermediate complexity simulating the situation across the Roman Empire in the 4th century AD.