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Strategy & Tactics Issue #305 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

Armies of the White Sun is a solitaire wargame covering the fighting in China from the Marco Polo Bridge Incident through Pearl Harbor to the planned 1943 Operation Go-Go aimed at capturing Chongking and ending Chinese resistance at the national level. The single player actively commands the invading Japanese forces, while the rules system directs him in the deployment of the defending Chinese. The player wins by capturing key areas on the map. Throughout the game, the player selects units for an operational force, then maneuvers with that force to achieve objectives while fighting Chinese forces as they appear during operations.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #305 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Armies of the White Sun - The War in China, 1937-1945: China’s two-millennia-long imperial period came to an end in 1912. What followed was decades of war and unrest. Exploiting the turmoil was Japan, who in 1937 would spark the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Barbarossa: Germany's Assault on the Soviet Union, 1941-1942
Price: $9.99

The 1941 German invasion of the USSR ignited a firestorm that engulfed some 26 million Soviet and 9 million German lives, making it the decisive European theater of World War II. Arguments as to whether the Germans had a realistic chance to win their war in the east continue among historians to this day.
World at War, Issue #55 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

Commandos: Europe puts you in charge of a team of commandos operating in Europe (and North Africa) during WWII. Your duty is to lead your men on a variety of randomly generated missions (representing orders direct from high command), choose weapons and equipment that are best suited for the mission, decide on how to posture your team, plan your approach, and a method of extraction. However, it is not quite that simple; you must choose weapons and equipment that will be the most efficient utilization of very limited resources; your goal is to disrupt the enemy’s freedom of action in your area of operations with a minimal “footprint” and minimal cost.
World at War, Issue #55 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Butcher & Bolt -
British Commandos in Northwest Europe, 1940-1945
The withdrawal of the British Expeditionary Force from France in 1940 came with no
prospect of an immediate return to Europe. To continue their war with Germany, the
British formed a commando force to conduct raids against German-occupied territories
Modern War, Issue #30 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

Enduring Freedom is an operational-level solitaire simulation of the US-Coalition invasion of Afghanistan in the wake of the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. The player controls the forces of the Coalition (US, NATO, and the Northern Alliance). The game system controls the opposing Islamist forces (Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and Pakistani Volunteers). The objective of the game is for the Coalition to destroy Al Qaeda and establish the basis for a stable Afghanistan such that a new civil war will not break out later. The game covers the period of October 2001 (the initial US invasion) to March 2002 (the conclusion of Operation Anaconda).

Modern War, Issue #30 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Operation Enduring Freedom: In September 2001 the United States launched the Global War on Terror. One of the first targets in the conflict was Afghanistan. Known as Operation Enduring Freedom, this campaign would create an entirely new form of warfare.