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Drive on Moscow!

Drive on Moscow: Operation Typhoon 1941, Ziplock Edition is a reprint of the original game published in S&T 244. This edition incorporates corrections from the original publication, updated graphics and includes a new German order of battle based on information that has come out since the original publication of the game.


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Exclusive 4-Pack (Dispatch #31)
Exclusive 4-Pack (Dispatch #31)
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Exclusive 4-Pack (Dispatch #31)

  • Desert Fox Deluxe (Exclusive Edition) includes Strategy & Tactics #300 The Rommel Factor, Desert Fox Deluxe special edition game, War in North Africa (Desert Fox) Map Poster.
  • Zhukov's War includes World at War #50 Zhukov's War and Zhukov's War special edition game.
  • October War includes Modern War #25 Yom Kippur War and October War special edition game.
  • Barbarossa Deluxe (Exclusive Edition) includes Barbarossa Deluxe ziplock game and Barbarossa (SIP).