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Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #1 - Caesar
Price: $15.00

Caesar: Julius Caesar arose at a turbulent time when the Roman Republic was facing military threats from abroad and insurrection at home. It was an era where rival gangs fought in the streets of the capital for control of vital political offices, armies engaged in incredible battles on far-flung frontiers, and generals seized control of the state to ensure justice for their troops against an increasingly corrupt government. Caesar came to the forefront, not only conquering Gaul, but by defeating many foes in the Great Roman Civil War and establishing himself as the sole power in Rome, revolutionizing the political system. This issue covers Caesar as well as profiling figures that are still known to us today—Cleopatra, Spartacus, Cicero, and many more.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #2 - America in World War I
Price: $15.00

America in World War I: In April 1917, the United States entered World War I and the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) proved decisive in the ensuing Allied victory on the Western Front. Yet, a mere 10 years prior the US military was woefully unprepared for war.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #3 - Stalingrad
Price: $15.00

Stalingrad: Turning Point in the East: This issue provides an in-depth historical analysis of one of history’s greatest battles. It analyzes every facet of the 1942 German offensive in Russia, including the Soviet counter-offensive that marked the war’s overall turning point. The nine chapters each include several original maps, detailed orders of battle, and numerous photographs. The issue is written to be of value to both newcomers to the topic as well as those who already consider themselves experts on it. The prose is clear and free of jargon, but rich in detail and analysis. This issue includes a map poster showing the Battle of Stalingrad.

Strategy & Tactics Quarterly #4 - World War III: What ifs?
Price: $15.00

World War III: What Ifs? At the end of World War II, two superpowers emerged from the confl ict: the United States and the Soviet Union. In the decades that followed, these two superpowers faced off in what became known as the Cold War. This issue analyzes the military aspects of that long struggle between the two powers. The approach is to analyze where World War III might have started and been fought in each of the decades between 1945 and 1991. The chapters include original maps, orders of battle, and photographs. It is written to be of value to newcomers as well as those who consider themselves experts. The prose is clear and free of jargon, but rich in detail and analysis. This issue includes a map poster.