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Strategy & Tactics Issue #262 - Magazine Only
Price: $6.00

Frederick’s War: War of the Austrian Secession, 1741-48

A wargame of intermediate complexity simulating the struggle for power in Europe during the highpoint of the Enlightenment,1741-48. It was the era of soldier-kings and enlightened monarchs, when powerful states maneuvered professional armies and fought to gain rich provinces.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #274 - Magazine Only
Price: $6.00

Sun Never Sets, Volume II, designed by Joseph Miranda, is an operational-level simulation of three major 19th century wars involving British expeditionary forces: Abyssinia (1868), Asante (1873-74), Persia (1873-57) and the Second Afghan War (1878-79), all included within this single issue.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #275 - Magazine Only
Price: $6.00

Prussia’s defeat of the Austrian Empire at this 1867 battle (in the modern-day Czech Republic) was a military milestone on the road to German unification. The breech-loading “needle gun” made its decisive combat debut.

Modern War, Issue #10 - Magazine Only
Price: $7.00

Target Iran: Contingencies and options for a near-future war in the Persian Gulf, including an analysis of evolving US war-fighting doctrine, the Iranians’ order of battle, and the likely crucial role of the Strait of Hormuz (oil).

Strategy & Tactics Issue #289 - Magazine Only
Price: $7.00

Alamo to Appomattox: analysis of the evolution of US military strategy and tactics from 1836 to 1865.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #256 - Game Only
Price: $20.00

Marlborough’s Battles (MBat)

A wargame of intermediate complexity, designed by Richard H. Berg, covering two of the Duke’s great victories in the War of the Spanish Succession: Ramillies, a massive cavalry clash, and Malplaquet, a huge infantry battle.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #216 - Game Edition
Price: $22.00

Asia Crossroads is a wargame simulating the "Great Game," the conflict between the British and Russian Empires in the 19th century for control of Central Asia. Central Asia was the frontier between the expanding Russian Empire in Asia and the British Empire in India. Central Asia also controlled vital trade routes. At stake was the fate of all of Asia.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #232 - Game Edition
Price: $23.00

Strategy & Tactics Issue #232 - Catherine The Great

A purposed-designed solitaire wargame of the expansion of the Russian Empire under Empress Catherine II (1762-96).
Strategy & Tactics Issue #245 - Game Edition
Price: $24.00

The Triple Alliance War (TAW)

A two-player, low-to-intermediate complexity, strategic-level simulation of the second-largest war ever fought in the New World (the largest having been the American Civil War).

Strategy & Tactics Issue #249 - Game Edition
Price: $24.00

Forgotten Napoleonic Campaigns (FNC)

Two complete games by designer is S&T Editor Joseph Miranda: The Russo-Swedish War (RSW), which covers the 1808 invasion of Finland, and The Egyptian Campaign (EC), which deals with Napoleon's invasion of the Middle East.