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We are launching a new style of magazine that will become another stepping-stone for military history magazine readers to move into wargaming. This new magazine also responds to the readers who asked for even more in-depth analysis of topics then we can accomplish in our feature articles. This new magazine will feature a single topic by a single author – we did a test run with the Barbarossa special interest publication last summer and the results, especially on the newsstand, were excellent. The new format is about 40-50% longer (116 pages!) and more map intensive than our regular issues, plus it includes a 20” x 28” map poster in every quarterly issue. Once the new magazine is established (takes about two years) we will start introducing mini-games in place of the map poster in some issues and start walking the newcomers through the basics of wargaming as a part of the magazine.

This new magazine is Strategy & Tactics Quarterly and the first issue will ship in February 2018. Last chance to get the first issue by subscription is 31 Jan 18.


STQ1 Spring Caesar: Julius Caesar arose at a turbulent time when the Roman Republic was facing military threats from abroad and insurrection at home.


America in WWI: In April 1917, the United States entered World War I and the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) proved decisive in the ensuing Allied victory on the Western Front.
STQ3 Fall

Battle of Stalingrad: This issue analyzes every facet of the 1942 German offensive in Russia, including the Soviet counter-offensive that marked the war’s overall turning point.

STQ4 Winter World War III What-ifs: This issue analyzes the military aspects of the struggle between the United States and the Soviet Union. The approach is to analyze where World War III might have started and been fought in each of the decades between 1945 and 1991.


STQ5 Spring The French Foreign Legion: From its roots in the 19th century to its elite special forces role today, this in-depth analysisof the French Foreign Legion examines its history and evolution.


D-Day 75th Anniversary: An in-depth analysis of the Allied operation into Normandy during World War II. This issue will cover the build-up, landing, and subsequent operations through June 1944.
STQ7 Fall

General George Washington: An in-depth historical look at the life and military career of Gen. George Washington and his influence on the founding of the United States.

STQ8 Winter Operation Whirlwind (WWII East Front, 1944-1945): Continuing where the 2016 Barbarossa Special Interest Publication left off, this issue covers the Soviet counter-offensive against Germany on the Eastern Front.

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STQ Magazine Pre-Order Subscription
STQ Magazine Pre-Order Subscription