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Barbarossa: Germany's Assault on the Soviet Union, 1941-1942
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The 1941 German invasion of the USSR ignited a firestorm that engulfed some 26 million Soviet and 9 million German lives, making it the decisive European theater of World War II. Arguments as to whether the Germans had a realistic chance to win their war in the east continue among historians to this day.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #300 - Magazine + Map Poster
Price: $10.00

Includes the War in North Africa (Desert Fox) Map
The Rommel Factor - The War in North Africa 1940-1943:
During WWII the North African Campaign would be a pivotal point in the war, providing a proving ground for weapons and strategies used in the final two years of the war.

Strategy & Tactics Issue #292 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

North Cape: Convoy Battles in the Arctic, 1942-45 is a simulation of the convoy battles fought in the Barents Sea during World War Two. The game is played in several scenarios, each of which simulates one of the historical convoy battles in the Arctic. Each side must attempt to find and locate enemy positions and complete their missions. The objective in the game for the German player is to sink the largest number of enemy merchant ships possible. For the Allied player, the objective of the game is to bring the greatest number of merchant ships to the Soviet Union.

Strategy & Tactics Issue #285 - Game Edition
Price: $30.00

Duel on the Steppe is a simulation of the Winter Campaign in the Ukraine, from January 29th to March 17th, 1943, known as Operation Star and Gallop, in which the Soviets arrayed their incredible numerical advantage against some of the best units in the German army.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #278 - Game Edition
Price: $30.00

Tobruk uses the same system as Sedan: The Decisive Battle for France, May 1940. Tobruk is a simulation of British Eighth Army's Operation Crusader, the attempt to relieve the Tobruk garrison during the period from November to early December 1941, with each turn representing two days.

Strategy & Tactics Issue #259 - Game Edition
Price: $25.00

Battle for China (B4C)

An intermediate-complexity wargame, designed by Brian Train, of what that people call their "War of Resistance Against Japan," specifically covering the struggle from the initial Japanese invasion in July 1937 to the end of 1941. The game is for two players, one directing the military forces acting to defend China against the Japanese, and the other commanding the forces of imperial Japan. The game can also be played with a third player taking the Chinese Communist forces.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #246 - Game Edition
Price: $24.00

Manila '45: Stalingrad of the Pacific (M'45)

A two-player, low-to-intermediate complexity wargame that simulates the American liberation of the capital of the Philippines in World War II, which took place from 3 February to 4 March 1945.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #230 - Game Edition
Price: $23.00

DownFall: If the US Invaded Japan, 1945

(DF), is a wargame simulating the planned but never executed US invasion of the Japanese home island of Kyushu during the last quarter of that year.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #224 - Game Edition
Price: $22.00

The Sedan Campaign, 1870 (SC70), is a low-complexity, operational-level simulation of the battles that comprised the first month of active operations of the Franco-Prussian War. The game is intended for two players, one commanding the Prussian (actually, the North German Confederation) and the other French forces, though it can also easily be played solitaire by a person willing to command both sides.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #219 - Game Edition
Price: $22.00

Spanish Civil War Battles is a wargame system for simulating battles of the Spanish Civil War. The rules are divided into two sections. The first part consists of the standard rules, which apply to all the games in the series; the second part consists of the exclusive scenario rules, each of which applies only to a specific battle.