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Crowns In The Gutter
Price: $35.00

Crowns in the Gutter
By Ted S. Raicer

World War I was the crucial event of the 20th century, as the great European powers-- which until then dominated the world economically, militarily and politically-- destroyed themselves. That led to a second war a generation later, enabled the ascendance of the United States and Soviet Union, and unleashed the forces of nationalism and self-determination around the globe.

The Quest For Annihilation
Price: $35.00

The Quest For Annihilation
By Christopher Perello

Civil War came to the United States when the first shot was fired at Fort Sumter on 12 April 1861. Most people, including the military and political leaders of both sides, thought the war would be won or lost quickly in the Napoleonic tradition, with a great battlefield collision. Instead, the war ground on for four increasingly bloody years, inching steadily but slowly into the Southern heartland. Battles were frequent, but rarely decided more than the control of a single town or a few blood-soaked fields.
Custer book cover
With Custer At The Death
Price: $29.95

With Custer At The Death - By Robert F. Burke

The fascination with Custer's Last Stand hasn't diminished in the decades since 1876. He led his regiment well ahead of the main body, only to run into an unprecedented gathering of Indians.

Business in the Trenches
Price: $23.95

Business in the Trenches
by David Schroeder
From SPW Publishing

Business in the Trenches is about how people make the same mistakes over and over. It is about learning from those mistakes so that you don't make them. It is about how to do better than people did in the past in similar situations. Failure to make the right decision can spell doom.