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Strategy & Tactics Issue #308 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

The War of Jenkins’ Ear simulates the last major conflict in the Caribbean between England and Spain from about 1739 to 1748 (though it was largely eclipsed in Europe by the War of Austrian Succession at the time.) The actual underlying cause of the war was trading rights in the lucrative West Indies. After centuries of intermittent and reoccurring war between the English and Spanish, these two maritime powers had managed to work out a trade agreement that ended their conflicts but not their longstanding enmity. In April 1731, the captain of the Spanish caravel La Isabela intercepted and boarded an English brigantine (the Rebecca) near Jamaica that he suspected of being a smuggler. The brig’s goods were looted and the English captain (Robert Jenkins) was consequently tortured throughout that day.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #308 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Conquer or Perish - Securing Texan Independence at San Jacinto: Analysis of the Texas Revolution and the pivotal battle that would lead to the foundation of the Republic of Texas.

Barbarossa: Germany's Assault on the Soviet Union, 1941-1942
Price: $9.99

The 1941 German invasion of the USSR ignited a firestorm that engulfed some 26 million Soviet and 9 million German lives, making it the decisive European theater of World War II. Arguments as to whether the Germans had a realistic chance to win their war in the east continue among historians to this day.
World at War, Issue #57 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

Escape Hell’s Gate covers the final attempt of the German 3rd Panzer Corps formations to reach those German units that were encircled within the Korsun Pocket between 10 - 17 February 1944. Escape Hell’s Gate is a two-player game using the standard Fire & Movement folio rules system and a set of exclusive rules that model the actual campaign. The game presents some unique challenges to both the German and Soviet player as the German relief forces attempt to break through the pocket, while the German forces within the pocket struggle to survive the Soviet onslaught. The Soviet player will be faced with moving his forces to block the relief attempt while making a final push to reduce the pocket. Both players will be fighting two battles and how well each player allocates his forces will determine the victor.
World at War, Issue #57 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

Hell's Gate - Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket: Analysis of the Battle of the Korsun-Cherkassy Pocket and the ascendance of Soviet mobile operations in World War II.
Modern War, Issue #33 - Game Edition
Price: $35.00

ISIS War. This game is set in a timeframe of the near future – 2017 through 2020 – in which the Iranians may have developed some kind of military nuclear capability. Even so, with the US likely still in another post-Vietnam-funk-type of “neo-isolationism,” the possibility for a blitz-style conventional Iranian victory across the region – aimed at fully establishing and certifying Tehran as the unchallengeable hegemon of the Gulf region – moves to the fore.

Modern War, Issue #33 - Magazine
Price: $7.00

War on ISIS: The Islamic State emerged in 2014 as the primary threat to stability in the Middle East. Since then, regional and international forces have waged a campaign to destroy the terrorist organization.