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Strategy & Tactics Issue #304 - Game Edition
Price: 35.00

The American Revolution in the South is a single map game that simulates ten historic campaigns in North and South Carolina during the American Revolutionary War (from 1776 to 1781). The game system emphasizes the importance of individual leaders, and especially historical leaders from the time period, and highlights the relative skills, circumstances, and luck that could vary considerably, often within short periods of time. Throughout the game, leader skills will be tested as their unit’s maneuver and fight, and every leader has the capacity to prove himself as either inept, capable, or in some cases, exceptional, during various incidents throughout the game.
Strategy & Tactics Issue #304 - Magazine
Price: 7.00

The Southern War for American Independence: Britain's war to retain its American colonies had changed dramatically following their defeat in the Battle of Saratoga. In 1778, Britain diverted its attention to the southern colonies.

Barbarossa: Germany's Assault on the Soviet Union, 1941-1942
Price: 9.99

The 1941 German invasion of the USSR ignited a firestorm that engulfed some 26 million Soviet and 9 million German lives, making it the decisive European theater of World War II. Arguments as to whether the Germans had a realistic chance to win their war in the east continue among historians to this day.
World at War, Issue #53 - Game Edition
Price: 35.00

Strike & Counterstrike (SCS) is purpose-designed solitaire wargame that covers the Soviet counteroffensive against German Army Group Center (AGC) from early December 1941 to the end of April 1942. The single player actively commands the Soviet forces, while the rules system directs him in the deployment of the opposing German force. The player wins with the Soviets by seizing control of key territorial objectives. Games may also end in draws or German victories.
World at War, Issue #53 - Magazine
Price: 7.00

Strike & Counterstrike - Battle for Moscow, December 1941 to April 1942: The German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941 came down to a final test of strength in the last quarter of the year, with the Soviet capital as the prize.
Modern War, Issue #29 - Game Edition
Price: 35.00

Putin’s War: Reclaiming the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe is a strategic-level, two-player wargame of low-intermediate complexity that covers the campaign that could occur if the Russian dictator decides to give up his strategy of incremental “opaque” warfare and instead simply try for a big win. The game’s sub-systems are crafted to present a supreme-commander’s-eye-view of such a war. It’s therefore almost fully strategic in its perspective, with only the most pastel of operational and tactical undertones added to enhance its tone and texture in those regards. Putin’s War takes two experienced players only about two hours to complete, and it’s adaptable for solitaire play.

Modern War, Issue #29 - Magazine
Price: 7.00

Putin’s War: Analysis of Russian military aggression in the 21st century, and the potential conflicts that may arise between the West and Russia.