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Exclusive 4-Pack (Dispatch #31)
Exclusive 4-Pack (Dispatch #31)

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Exclusive 4-Pack (Dispatch #31)

  • Desert Fox Deluxe (Exclusive Edition) includes Strategy & Tactics #300 The Rommel Factor, Desert Fox Deluxe special edition game, War in North Africa (Desert Fox) Map Poster.
  • Zhukov's War includes World at War #50 Zhukov's War and Zhukov's War special edition game.
  • October War includes Modern War #25 Yom Kippur War and October War special edition game.
  • Barbarossa Deluxe (Exclusive Edition) includes Barbarossa Deluxe ziplock game and Barbarossa (SIP).

Desert Fox Deluxe is a combination of two previously published games covering parts of the North African campaign–Desert Fox and Trail of the Fox–expanded with additional rules, units, and maps to cover the entire war in the North African desert from the Italian invasion of Egypt in 1940 to the final Allied clearance of Africa in 1943.

Zhukov’s War covers the pivotal middle period of the titanic struggle between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's USSR, from July 1942 - July 1943. Strategic options abound for both players; victory goes to the one best able to carry out the chosen strategy, while maintaining a reserve to contain sudden enemy action or exploit an opportunity.

October War is a wargame of the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. There are two Theaters of Operation: Sinai and Golan, both portrayed as a point to point system (since most of the major actions were fought over key points or lines of communications).

Barbarossa Deluxe A strategic-level, two-player “mini-monster” of intermediate complexity, covering the entire Russo-German War. Play may end sooner than the historic termination time, if the German player is able to do significantly better than his historic counterparts by advancing so quickly he causes the overall political, social, economic and military collapse of the Soviet Union. Likewise, if the Soviet player is able to carry out his strategic comeback more efficiently than did historic counterparts during the second half of the war, the game may again end earlier than it did historically.

Barbarossa (SIP) is written by well-known military historian John Burtt. Presented in 116 pages a chronologic textual and cartographic analysis of that terrible conflict’s first half, from the day the Germans first crossed the border to the surrender of their Sixth Army in the Stalingrad pocket early in 1943. There are over two-dozen full-color and highly detailed maps, along with orders of battle and dozens of period photographs, to further support text.

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